supporting staff of colour

2 hours

online: microsoft teams or zoom

staff with managerial responsibilities

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*we offer sliding scale pricing, as we are committed to delivering workshops to as many institutions as possible no matter their size or financial situation.


workshop description

This session explores language specific to race, including what equity is and the different injustices embedded in the workplace and the way in which this effects people of colour. The workshop then explores what it means to be an anti-racist institution and how staff can champion this within their own teams and the organisation as a whole. 

This workshop is designed for anyone in a managerial position to equip them to support staff of colour within their managerial capacity, whether this be in reference to current staff of colour within the organisation or to ensure managers are better placed to support staff of colour in the future.

how many attendees?

We recommend no more than 30 people per session if you would like there to be interaction and discussion within the workshop. However, if you would prefer for it to be more lecture-style, then there is no limit to how many people we can present to.