decolonising the university

2 hours

online: microsoft teams or zoom

university & union staff, student officers & students

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*we offer sliding scale pricing, as we are committed to delivering workshops to as many institutions as possible no matter their size or financial situation.


workshop description

Within this session, we define colonisation, how this applies to the University context and what it truly means to begin work to decolonise it from the curriculum to support services to STEM.


The workshop explores the origins of the decolonising the University campaign and the importance of such campaigns, as well as examples of what other Universities and Unions have done.


The workshop ends with a consideration of practical examples of decolonisation at University, culminating in a discussion of action that can be taken at your own institution.

how many attendees?

We recommend no more than 30 people per session if you would like there to be interaction and discussion within the workshop. However, if you would prefer for it to be more lecture-style, then there is no limit to how many people we can present to.